Hi, I’m Erin!

My husband and I met while working at a hotel in downtown Charlotte which sparked our love of travel. Prior to having kids we explored Europe, Hawaii, Central America, and the Caribbean. We now have three kids, ages four and under! Having children didn’t slow us down, we love exploring different countries with our kids. Whether it is cruising or all-inclusive resorts, as a mom of three, nothing beats not having to cook while relaxing by the pool all day. I want to show families that it is possible and fun to travel with your kids.

While we love seeing different destinations, Disney World calls us back year after year. There is something about that magic in your children’s eyes that is so special. Speaking of magic, this Muggle knows a thing or two about Universal Studios as well. Having been a season pass holder, I know all the secrets the parks have to offer.

I treasure the memories I have made with my family, and I look forward to helping others find the joy in traveling.