Hi, I’m Abby!

When I first met my husband and he told me he didn’t like visiting Disney World, I thought, “this will never last.” But I told him he had never been to Disney World with ME! Fast forward to now – we have been together more than fifteen years and and, yes, we continue to vacation to Walt Disney World Resort often! (By the way, it was my husband’s suggestion that we honeymoon there!) Disney isn’t my only vacation spot: I also enjoy all-inclusive vacations and road trips!

Making vacations magical is what I aim to do every time I plan one for my family, and I’m excited to be able to help others too! I love talking to people about how they like to vacation, and then giving them suggestions about how to make the most of their vacation style. I hope I can help you experience traveling the way you enjoy, so you can kick back and enjoy making those special memories!